How To Use Guide ABR Prosperity Words

How to Use Guide ­For Ask Believe Receive Prosperity Carved Words

Morning: Mindfully look at the word ASK then ask for what it is that you want to come in to your life. When you ask always state “this or something better for the higher greater good” after you make your request. Then mindfully look at the word Believe and put yourself in a feeling state where you feel and know, believe in your heart you already have what it is you are asking for. How does it feel when you have what it is that you want? Feel it! Then mindfully look at the word RECEIVE and put yourself in a feeling state and feel as if you know in your heart you are worthy, deserving and open to receive. Visualize it is on its way then let it go. When you feel doubt it will push it away from you. So don’t get caught up in the worry of how it is going to happen trust that it will and know it will come in the time it is supposed to.

Throughout the day mindfully focus on the 3 steps to connect you to your intentions. You can use the carved words as a calming focusing tool for meditation to bring you back to center.


Night: Mindfully reflect on the day and give thanks for all that you are grateful for. Focus on only the positive aspects of the day. Always trust that there are lessons and blessings in order to create a better tomorrow. If you are unable to see the lessons, blessings ask for guidance it will come. Know it will come to you at the perfect time and place but always see it as having happened declare it as now it has occurred.

Where Do I put the Carved Words?

You can place the set of 3 carved words on a mantle, bookshelves, any type of table with candle sticks between the words. You can place them above the door they are narrow enough to fit on top of most doorway trim. You can place them in any room in the home and or office. Put them somewhere where you will see them at least once a day if not more so they can help focus your positive thoughts and intentions. You can even put each word in a different room, have fun with them and be creative!