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Remember to live lightly...

Remember to grow then bloom...

Remember your "OM"...

Our line of mindful products reminds us to slow down, take a breath and refocus.

The CHAK-WRAPS™ Bracelets are designed to balance the body’s energies to promote wellness and healing from within.
We believe in power of the mind body connection, and wearing the bracelet helps sustain mindfulness through our busy day.

The bracelets act as a visual cue to help focus on being present in the moment. Not the past nor the future.

Our power to create is in the moment, we help keep you there.

Our products make wonderful gifts for any occasion and for any age. Shop Styles to find the perfect gift for yourself and those you care about.

Additional mindfulness accessories for the body and mind.

Ask – Believe – Receive sterling silver jewelry is designed to inspire and remind those who wear it to create their best life. These are the three steps we take when we create anything in our life. We also have to take action, the middle band spins in the Prosperity Spin Ring to help send out our intention to attract what we desire.

Bowls For The Soul™ affirmation bowl is used for meditation and mindful eating. Eating from the bowls helps us to remember we are all of the positive affirmations inside the bowl. Many of us have forgotten that information along the way.

Food for Thought Using Bowls For The Soul is a how to use guide that accompanies the affirmation bowl. It explains the concept behind the design of the bowl as well several different meditations using the bowl. It offers insightful tips on how to use the bowl to empower children to grow up knowing they are all of the affirmations in the bowl.

The Bodhi Blanket™ The bright playful colors in the design of blanket serve as a reminder for you to “lighten up” and connect to your inner child. When we feel happy and joyful in our mind our body will respond.

It’s a  wonderful gift for anyone that needs support in healing.  Our positive state of mind is the best medicine for dealing with life’s challenges.

Shop Styles to find the perfect gift for yourself and those you care about.

Remember to nourish your body...

Remember to nourish your mind...

Remember the power of words...


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