I would like to thank you Wendy on making and designing my necklace. I love the colors and the design of it, it’s so unique that I get a lot of compliments and questions to as where I got and its meaning. When I wear it I do feel in a more positive mood and it has actually brought me some luck. I believe that it helps especially when I’m in a not so good mood, because when I put it on it makes me feel more encouraged and focused on what I have to do to get through the day. I appreciate it so much, thanks again!!!”
Pete D. NJ

I wanted to do something meaningful AND fun for my 40th! When I saw Wendy’s jewelry and the meaning behind it I was sure it would be the perfect gathering for my friends to celebrate this milestone with me. Boy was I right! The night was magical, imbued with so much positive energy, deep, stimulating conversation and laughter. Wendy was so fun AND enjoyable to listen to. She talked at length about the healing powers of the stones we were using to create our bracelets and the use of affirmations as we decoupaged our phrases ‘Ask, Believe, Receive.’ In short, I had a memorable evening that I am so grateful for. As for my girlfriends, they are STILL talking about the night!!! Thanks so much Wendy! I couldn’t have chosen a better way to celebrate.”
J. Gilmore NJ

I hosted a CHAK-ROCKS party with Wendy last week. All of my girlfriends have told me that they love their customized bracelets. One husband commented “Honey, you are much more relaxed since you’ve been wearing that bracelet!” Wendy did a great job helping everyone navigate the world of sacred stones!”

“Thank you for hosting such a fun party Patty! I love my bracelet and had a great time with you and all the ladies!!” “SUCH a fun night! I love my bracelets too, and am wearing them right now.”

“I hope you are enjoying your bracelets and they remind you to be grounded and peaceful…in addition to making your wrists look chic/hip/cool!

“Thank you so much Wendy for bringing your creativity to our party and onto our wrists!”
Patty Morristown NJ

Wendy’s ABR workshop was a meaningful way for my fifth graders to begin to understand their role in creating their own future. This awakening took place as students thoughtfully considered what truly mattered to them, and what their deepest hopes were for their own life. Some students were able to pinpoint specifics like career goals, while others focused on broader visions like having a happy family life. Once students identified their goals, they moved towards creating an artistic expression of their future by decoupaging a wooden “BELIEVE” with words, quotes, and ideas brainstormed during the session with Wendy.

When Wendy connected the dots between believing in your vision and proactively moving toward that vision, my class understood that they are not bystanders in their life. They are able to live their “BELIEVE”, by staying focused on what is truly most important to them. Then they will “RECEIVE” the life they envisioned.

At the end of the school year I asked my students to reflect on the year’s highlights. Many students mentioned Wendy’s ABR workshop as being a most meaningful part of their year. I know that as my students move through the coming years, the wooden BELIEVE they created will inspire them, and serve as a powerful reminder of who they are and who they will one day become.”
Mrs. Rennie ~ Helen Morgan Teacher NJ

The diagnosis of cancer can create high levels of stress and disrupt your appetite and sleep patterns at a time when your body needs nourishment and rest most. Although I was unfamiliar with Reiki at the time, I met with Wendy and she explained the principles this ancient art is based on.

Prior to having cancer surgery, Wendy performed Reiki on me several times. Her treatments resulted in a reduction in my overall level of stress and a restoration of my appetite, which allowed me to approach my upcoming procedure with a clear mind and focus on recovery. I felt relaxed, calm and I was able to sleep soundly after our sessions. Thanks Wendy!
Tom R. NJ

I’ve been having sessions with Wendy for almost a year. When I first started, I was in a very low place. I felt like crying all the time and had pains in my chest which my doctor said was from stress. It is a safe feeling to have someone who will listen and validate my problems or issues and then coach me in how I should be looking at the conflicts or steps I should be taking to get a happier outcome. I’m in a much better place now. Wendy has taught me a way thinking that has made my life a lot easier and fun. I look forward to a future filled with light, love and peace.”

You are truly that special miracle which came into my life when I cried for help thank you for being so special” “I have been a Reiki client of Wendy’s for a year and a half, and my entire life has been transformed because of Wendy, a very special angel. I go weekly for Reiki sessions and in addition to having aches, pains and other physical issues resolved, by the time I leave.I have learned so much about life and how to better my diet and my daily activities in order to ensure a longer and healthier life. I believe that Wendy with her soft gentle manner and calming voice can create a “new” person and help to achieve the best in life.”
Sue R. NJ

Wendy performed Reiki on me several times after appendix/colon surgery. It was a wonderful experience. I felt relaxed, calm and clear after each session. My body felt lighter and I was able to sleep very well despite my pain. Wendy is wonderful, caring and calming human being. Her soothing manner and gentle guidance make you relax immediately and get the most out of each session. Thank you, Wendy!”
Lori K. NJ

I own one of the very meaningful and beautiful “Bowls for the Soul”. The affirmation words painted simplistically around the circumference of the bowl allow me to achieve a more positive sense even when the day has been very long and filled with stress”
Sue R. NJ

I love my spin ring! I find myself spinning it throughout the day”. I feel connected when I am wearing it and I wear your ring ALL the time. Thank you for your vision and for creating this awesome ring!
Alice Hocker TX

Thank you for creating the beautiful spin ring that I wear every day. In my mind I’m silently repeating the words, Ask … Then I pause and ASK for whatever it is that I want in the moment or in the future … I find myself changing my posture and getting into the energy of BELIEF … I am then reminded (by spinning my ring) to smile and be open to RECEIVE all that comes my way! My ring isn’t magical in itself … however, it has reminded me daily to ask for, believe in and receive miracles. It works!
Joan S. Delaware ~ For The Health of It, llc, DE

I love my ring. It helps me meditate and I find myself spinning and focusing on my intention and purpose constantly through out the day. It is my seed for intention.
Kimber Lim ~ Precision Coaching CA

There are so many things I love about this ring. First of all, I just love the style of it. Second, I wear it when I need focus and clarity. Every now and then my life get’s off course and I need to re-center. I treat it as a tool. I have loaned it out to friends who are facing a difficult situation. Because it’s so helpful to me, I believe my positive energy goes with it. The center of the ring is the best part. So many people use a tool during prayer, or stress, or as part of a ritual, i.e. worry beads, prayer beads, or rosary. I find the spinning the ring works the same way. Everyone I have lent it to loves it!
Melissa Fagersten NJ

I have been wearing the Prosperity Spin Ring for a few months now. My husband bought it for me for my birthday. What an amazing gift! When we received it, both of us were impressed by the quality of the ring. My husband liked it so much that later on I bought one for him as well. We have been using Young Living’s Abundance oil and prosperity affirmations as our daily ritual, and amazing things have been coming our way. The Prosperity Spin Ring is a beautiful reminder for us to stay in the abundance mindset and vibration every day.
Hueina Su ~ Author of Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul. NJ

I absolutely love my bracelets! Not only is the quality top notch but they keep me centered. After I have been to an event or read a book, I am focused and on track. I am good to go and I know what I have to do. Then life kicks in. Those day to day events that put you right back into the pattern you are trying to break or sway you from the goal you are trying to achieve. My bracelets remind me to slow down, take a breath and refocus. They are like my little yellow ribbon, only a whole lot nicer! 
Erica P. ~ Software Application Architect NJ

The Prosperity Ring not only is beautiful and well-crafted, it also feels amazing to wear. It reminds you in a subtle way that it’s there, sending a message to you throughout the day to Believe. I’ve received many compliments and I just love explaining the philosophy behind this powerful message.” Many thanks again!
Karen Wood ~ Backstage Creation CA

I love my beautiful silver “Ask, Believe, Receive” ring, which carries the energy of empowered optimism and it just looks really good! The minute I spotted that ring I knew it was “me!” and I’ve happily worn it every day since I got it. It is part of how I present myself and I know this ring comes from Wendy’s heart. Thank you for such a lovingly-created, brilliant design!
Lisa Z NYC

A clever way to stay focused on the truth of what you want. Simple, practical and an eye-catching conversational piece. I can barely keep it on my finger so many folks want it once they see it, touch it, try it on. Wear it at your own risk!
Rhonda Britten ~ Founder of FearlessLiving.org CO

I love my Ask Believe Receive Carved words. They sit in my living room and they are such a lovely daily reminder that “what you put your attention on grows stronger in your life!
Janet Attwood ~ Author New York Times Bestseller, The Passion Test CA

“There is no doubt that Wendy has created a product line that opens the heart center to abundance and reminds you just how powerful you are!”
Ray Rolando ~ Spiritual Intuitive & Advisor, Transformational Life Coach, NY