Keep Your Mind, Body & Spirit Warm

For many of us, winter is the most challenging season to be happy. The shorter daylight hours combined with difficulty getting around, affects our state of mind. Here are five tips to maintain a warm spirit and peace of mind this season.

Food is love. Love yourself by preparing your favorite comfort foods. If they aren’t the healthiest recipes see if you can substitute the unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones. If not indulge yourself but keep the portion size to a minimum. The best form of self-love is eating organic whole foods and avoiding process foods.

Read an Inspirational book. Allow yourself some downtime to curl up in front of a fire and read an inspirational book to feed you spirit. The winter is a time of rest and reflection, preparing us for action in the spring. Reading an inspiring book can lift your spirits and help you to be grateful for what you do have in your life.

Connect with friends. Make plans to meet friends and family during these months. Getting out of the house will give you something to look forward to preventing the feeling of isolation that tends to happen during winter. Its also is an effective way to get out of your own head and take in other perspectives.

Move your body. Go to the gym or take a yoga class if you don’t enjoy skiing, snowboarding or outdoor winter activities. If that’s too much motivation, workout to an exercise program at home.

Fresh cut Flowers. Looking at fresh cut flowers every day in your home is a great reminder spring is on its way. Connecting with nature brings peace and calm energy to your mind and body. The simplest bouquet can last a couple of weeks so don’t focus on the expense of the flowers and worry it’s a waste of money. You can afford to have flowers in your home this winter!