Spring, A Season of Renewal

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. We look forward to getting out more and seeing more colors in our surroundings. The green grasses, the buds on a tree, the blues of a thawing lake. How are you “springing” to life this season? Here are three tips to support your transition from winter to spring.

Stay awake in your daily life. Embrace what nature is offering you each day. Get outside and go for walk now the weather is warmer; no more excuses. Be mindful of the longer days of sunlight. How can you use that to your advantage?

Be patient for the blooms. Often times, we wish it would warm up sooner or have the flowers bloom faster. Know and enjoy it’s a process and each step is relevant and necessary. Similar to our personal growth, it’s a process to be embraced and not rushed or criticized.

Live fully in your daily life. The spring season helps remind us of the miracles in nature. How are you creating and embracing the miracles in your life? They are present, but only if you develop your awareness to see them. Focus your attention on what is working and what you would like to create,
and it will present its self.