Red ~ Root Chakra ~ Survival, Sense of Security, Family, Groundedness ~ located at the base of the spine. Brown is warm and stimulates heart and circulation. It’s connected to all organs and all five senses. (Includes the colors Black, Brown, Plum)  Red is the Power Color for Strength & Courage.

Orange ~ Sacral Chakra ~ Creativity, Sexuality, Abundance ~ located above the navel. Orange is warm and stimulates enthusiasm and success. It’s connected the lungs; digestion and the thyroid and can help relieve muscle spasms and cramps.  Orange is the Power Color for Creativity & Prosperity.

Yellow ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~ self-confidence, self-control, self-esteem, ego ~ located below the chest. Yellow energizes, stimulates and strengthens the mind. It’s connected to liver, stomach and intestines.  Yellow is the Power Color for Confidence & Love of Life.

Green ~ Heart Chakra ~ Love, Compassion, Joy & Inner peace ~ Located at the heart center. Green affects all conditions with the heart and has a soothing energy. It’s connected to hormones, digestion, increases immunity and strengthens the nervous system. (Includes the color Pink)  Green is the Power Color for Love, Harmony & Healing.

Blue ~ Throat Chakra ~ Communication, Self-Expression located at the throat. Blue is cooling and calming, brings tranquility. Helps to relieve suffering. It’s connected to the throat and calms inflammation in the body.  Blue is the Power Color for Expression & Communication.

Indigo ~ Third Eye Chakra ~ Intuition, Wisdom & Imagination ~ located at the center of the brow. Indigo is cool and purifying. It’s connected to the pineal gland and helps with physical & spiritual connection.  Indigo is the Power Color for Meditation & Spirituality.

Violet ~ Crown ChakraEnlightenment, Spirituality ~ located at the top of the head. Violet helps to soothe mental & emotional stress, enhance connection to the higher-self. Violet is the Power Color for Meditation.  (Includes the color White)