Bodhi Blanket


Nourish Your Mind, Body & Spirit With The Power Of Words & Colors…  Say: “I AM” and then recite the affirmation words on the blanket. Saying, visualizing, and feeling each affirmation word will help bring you closer to well-being. Each affirmation word speaks to each of the 7 main chakra energy points in the body.

The most powerful declaration you can state to impact your life is “I AM”. Our words are very powerful and when we use these two words in a statement it calls to us whatever follows these words. Please be mindful of your choice of words, they can give us strength and support us when they come from the heart. Or they can weaken us and others when they come from a place of anger or fear.

The bright playful colors in the design of blanket serve as a reminder for you to “lighten up” and connect to your inner child. When we feel happy and joyful in our mind our body will respond. Your body is directly responding to the thoughts of your mind. So why not spend some time visualizing and feeling young, happy, and well and know your body will respond.

This Blanket makes a great gift to support the power of positive thinking for both children and adults dealing with life’s day to day stresses.

Super Soft Plush Coral Fleece Blanket 3 Sizes Available: Baby 30″x40″, Med 50″x 60″, Large 60″ x 80″

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: To maintain softness, wash separately, cold water, gentle cycle with detergent. Non-chlorine bleach only as needed. Line drying is highly recommended. Or  place blanket in dryer on the no heat or fluff setting.

Weight37 oz
Dimensions15 x 15 x 6 in
Blanket Size

Baby Bodhi Blanket 30" x 40", Medium Bodhi Blanket 50" x 60", Large Bodhi Blanket 60" x 80

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